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At WildLifeRx our mission is to be the most respected online store for pet owners seeking pet CBD guidance and access to high-quality products from brands that veterinarians trust. 

Rosalind Haley, owner of WildLifeRx, has had great success working in the medical industry. She sold medical supplies for GlaxoSmithKline and Chronimed - two large pharmaceutical and diabetic supply powerhouses and before taking a break to raise her children, her territory was 5th out of 2200 in the nation. When she was ready to return to work, she went back to school so she could work directly with veterinary patients. Working for a veterinarian has enabled her to witness the benefit of what good nutrition and supplements can do to the overall health of a pet. 

Pet owners want guidance in this ever-changing pet CBD market. Veterinarians, who are critically overworked, do not have the time needed to keep up with the science and results of clinical trials, and pet owners have felt abandoned. It was clear early on in Rosalind's veterinary career, veterinarians needed a trusted place to be able to send pet owners that would provide them with veterinary assistance, accurate information, and pet CBD choices that were effective and safe.

Our Story

WildLifeRx did not begin as a company, it began as a mission to help pets and those that care for them, with a trustworthy solution to the pet CBD confusion. First, pet owners need access to veterinary experts... our customer service agents are licensed veterinary technicians so pet owners who need guidance, can finally receive it. Rosalind's history within the pharmaceutical industry has taught her how to meticulously evaluate products and the result is an array of choices that are veterinarian approved, safe and made using the highest standards on earth...

WildLifeRx has grown into one of the most reliable pet CBD companies within the industry, yet Rosalind's mission remains the same: to find innovative and responsible products that are safe for pets and provide those that care for them, with the most up to date information so they can learn more. 

Welcome to a new standard of pet CBD.

Welcome to WildLifeRx.