CBD for Dogs: What Clinical Trials or Scientific Studies Have Been Performed Recently?

CBD (cannabidiol) for dogs has become one of the most talked-about natural supplements in recent years. And while anecdotal success stories are abundant, what actual scientific studies have been done to confirm the safety and efficacy of CBD? Much work has still to be done on CBD in both humans and animals, but the results we …

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Why CBD May Not Work

If you have given your pet CBD products and found yourself unsure if it is working, or how long it takes to work, you are not alone. In fact, although many dogs show changes right away, some dogs take a bit longer to feel the effects of CBD because endocannabinoid receptors are unique in each …

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Washing Your Pup

Washing your pup can be a chore…. rarely will ‘Ozzy’ come running to you once he sees the water running in the bath tub. Here are a few bathing tips from Veterinarian Dr. Lisa Lippman, the owner of several Insta-famous pups, that are sure to keep your pup healthy and happy. Per Dr. Lippman, ’Not …

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WildLifeRx Press Release

February 1, 2021 Tustin, CA Announcing the launch of WildLifeRx.com. The first of its kind full-service pet CBD online store dedicated to providing pet owners and their veterinarians, a much-needed solution to the shopping for pet CBD problem. For years, pet owners have been asking for guidance from their veterinarians and veterinarians have remained silent. …

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