CBD for Pet Allergies? First, what should you know….

Suffering from allergies is enough to get even the happiest pet down. Allergic reactions can cause symptoms such as sneezing, itching and digestive issues. First, it is important to have your pet visit a veterinarian if your pet has diarrhea, is vomiting, or has skin rashes. These issues are urgent and must be immediately addressed by a doctor.

First, what allergies do most pets suffer from?

Allergies are a reaction to their environment or exposure to something and are placed in two categories. Food allergens and environment allergens.

Food allergens … are often misdiagnosed since they share the same symptoms as environmental allergies. It can be particularly confusing when dogs can develop allergies to foods they’ve been eating their whole lives. As pets age, food allergies can develop and a good indicator that your dog is allergic to food rather than something they’ve come into contact with is they will have patches of dry and flaky skin all over their body including the inside of their ears. The next time your pet is itch’s, check to see if the skin is dry and flaky. Dogs with food allergies might also vomit, have diarrhea or have a foul smell in their ears.

Environmental allergens … are a reaction to insects, mites, fragranced detergents, pollen, hair products or even grass. Some of these types of allergies may occur at certain times of the year. The usual symptoms include red inflamed itchy areas of your pet’s arms, legs, paws, face, and stomach. This symptom can be all over their body if a hair product such as shampoo was used or if they are frequently wrapped in a favorite blanket that was washed using fragranced detergent.

Most common allergies include: Beef, Dairy, Egg, Poultry, Wheat, Fleas, Pollen, Grass, Insects, Mites, and Dander.

Skin and Stomach issues … Allergens can cause areas of a dog’s skin to become inflamed and itchy. Your pet will scratch a certain location which can become bloody and infected if left untreated. Vomiting or diarrhea that can’t be explained can be a sign that your dog has an allergy to a food item. Other common symptoms include hives, swelling around the eyes, runny eyes and nose, sneezing when outside, and excessive licking.

How may CBD Oil help with allergies?

CBD oil may provide comfort to experiencing skin pets in a few different ways. A study in 2012 found that CBD oil helps to decrease itchiness in dogs. In 2019. a study found that inflammation was reduced in pets taking CBD oil who had been diagnosed with joint disease. Since a pet can’t understand why they’re experiencing this discomfort they may become restless or aggressive. Topical and ingested CBD may decrease skin irritation and redness and provide additional calmness to pets. An E-collar may be useful in cases where pets will not stop itching or licking the irritated skin. CBD should be used at add-on therapy to any treatment your pet is currently using.

Now you know all this information, what should you do next?

First learn and decide if CBD may be a good option for your pet. Look for clinical trials, as these resources are often unbiased. If you are uncertain if CBD may interact with current medications or if your pet has certain medical condition contact your veterinarian or a reputable store that can provide guidance from a licensed veterinary professional.

FYI – The 4 most popular products sold on WildLifeRx for pets with skin irritations are:

1. Canna Care CBD by Pet Releaf – A topical product made with Ucuuba butter which encourages the healing of epidermal tissue, Calendula Flower extract which increases healthy cell growth and CBD.

2. Receptra CBD Oil – High potency unflavored extract for picky cats and dogs. A favored product amongst pet CBD users.

3. HolistaPet Calming Chews for Dogs – A 5 mg CBD peanut butter chew to be used throughout the day to increase rest and decrease a pet’s discomfort.

4. Charlottes Web Canine Infused Balm – A topical product made with Tacuma Seed Butter which encourages the repairing of epidermal tissue, Himalayan cedarwood which is a natural insect repellant, and CBD.


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