Clinical Trial Baylor Osteoartritis – 2020

Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of daily cannabidiol for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis. April 2020

1-The cannabidiol used was provided by MedterraCBD (Irvine, CA), free from THC and the Hemp used was farmed under the strict guidelines of the Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp pilot program. The CBD used was a 99.99% pure isolate combined with fractionated coconut oil.

2- To increase the effectiveness of the CBD isolate, it was packaged within liposomes, a vehicle delivery system previously shown to improve the uptake of other hydrophobic compounds.

3- Canine veterinary studies were performed with oversight at Baylor College of Medicine. The study population consisted of client owned dogs presented to the Sunset Animal Hospital (Houston, Tx) for evaluation and treatment due to osteoarthritis.

4- Dogs were given either a 20 mg CBD dose, a 50 mg CBD dose or placebo and were evaluated by the owners and the veterinarians.

5- Results were that short-term administration of 50 mg CBD to domestic canines diagnosed with osteoarthritis demonstrated robust and quantifiable anti-inflammatory properties in experimental systems.

To few the clinical trial: www.reserchgate/publication/34098209


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