Clinical Trial – Veterinarians CBD Knowledge

Us Veterinarians Knowledge, Experience, and Perceptions Regarding the Use of Cannabidiol for Canine Medical Conditions. Published Jan 2019

1 – 2130 participants completed an anonymous online survey. It was created in collaboration with VIN (Veterinary Information Network-an online veterinary community). To evaluate views regarding marijuana and CBD/hemp products.

2 – Any participant who was not in clinical practice (n=26) or did not treat dogs (n=52) were eliminated from the survey.

3 – Participants were asked how often did their clients enquired about CBD products. Totals: rarely (29.2%) monthly (26.4%) never (8%) and daily (7.4%). Clients visiting veterinarians who worked in states that have legalized recreational marijuana were more likely to ask about CBD for their pet as noted in Table 2 chart in the trial.

4 – Participants were asked to identify the specific conditions or diseases for which clients were seeking information. More than one response was allowed. The 4 most common topics were for pain management, anxiety, seizures and storm/fireworks.

5 – Participants were asked about the endorsement of CBD products. Totals: never (44%) rarely (28.8%) sometimes (18.9%) frequently (8%). When asked what was the reason for not advising their clients only half answered the question. Totals: Not enough knowledge about CBD (68.1%) more research is needed (59.57%) it is illegal (48.8%) concerns about toxicity (19.7%)

6 – Perceived impact of CBD products for common canine medical conditions: Decrease’s pain for acute pain – somewhat helpful. Decrease’s pain for chronic pain – somewhat helpful. Reduces anxiety -somewhat helpful. Decrease’s seizures – somewhat helpful. Decrease’s pain for chronic pain – very helpful.

7 – Perception of state organizations’ provision of ‘sufficient guidance’ regarding the use of CBD. Strongly disagree (22%) Disagree (31%) Neutral (24%) Agree (17.3%) Strongly agree (4%)

8 – Overall all participants strongly agree that more toxicity research needs to be done.

9 – 83% Strongly disagree or disagree that CBD should remain a Schedule 1 drug as defined by the DEA. (CBD was removed from the Schedule 1 drug category in January 2020)

10 – 84% Strongly disagree or disagree that Hemp/CBD products for animals should remain illegal at the Federal level.

To view clinical trial: ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6338022/


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