Five Tips That May Help Your Pet Get Better Results with CBD Products

best results for CBD products

1. Administer without food. Place the CBD oil directly into the mouth with the provided plastic dropper, or directly in the food bowl or place the amount on top of a very small amount of food. When you administer the oil directly on a full bowl of food, it may remain trapped inside the food as it proceeds through the pet’s digestive system and may never enter the bloodstream. 

2. Administration times and timing. Each dose lasts from 7 – 9 hours. CBD Oil without food may begin to work in a little as 20 minutes. Treats may take up to 45 minutes. If you need the effect to take place prior to a specific event, such as an impending thunderstorm, plan the dose accordingly.

3. Increase the dosage amount or strength. Animals have individualized endocannabinoid systems and might need more or less, than what is on the dosing schedule. If you feel you are using the products at a quick rate, use a higher strength. It’s also important to note that there has been no known overdoses of animals ingesting CBD made for pets.

4. Change to a different brand. Hemp is grown in a variety of different geographies and in a variety of climates which alters its chemical make-up specific to that region. An example of this is oranges grown in Florida have a higher sugar content due to the wetter climate than those grown in California. There is a study that is published in the US National Library of Medicine a division of the National Institutes of Health that analyzes the DNA of 645 specimens of Cannabis from China, France, Hungary, Africa, and the Netherlands. The results confirm that there is significant DNA variation amount in the specimens that are grown in one country vrs. another country. Weather and soil influence CBD potential therefore choosing a different brand may increase the CBD potential with your pet.

5. The dosing amount is determined by the pets weight, activity level and mental state. Use the weight of your pet as a starting point. Is your pet active? Use the larger dosing amount. Is your pet sedentary? Use the smaller dosing amount.  If you are using CBD for a specific behavior such as aggression, you may need to increase the amount according to the specific situation. The dosage amount needed to calm a pet during fireworks will be greater than the amount needed to relax a pet after surgery. 


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