Hearing Fireworks? What You Can Do Today To Calm Your Pet

During the first week in July, all across the US, cats and dogs run away, hoping to never

hear and see those flashes and loud sounds again. They hate, loath, and disdain this

day. It’s a fun event for humans but hated by pets. There are a few solutions that will keep

your pet safe and hopefully a bit calmer.

Golden Retriever Laying down - WildLifeRx


1) Five to seven days before the 4th of July, provide a Safe spot for your pet to hide. This

can be a bed with blankets in a corner of a dark room, a crate in a bathroom or laundry

room covered with blankets, even under the bed. Make this Safe spot inviting by adding

a favored bed, blankets and spray lavender on stuffed animals. Introduce this area with treats several times a day so your pet will remember. Say “Let’s go to the Safe spot!” or “Safe spot” in a gentle reassuring voice and always with a smile. They will eventually understand if you are consistent. Make sure the curtains and blinds are closed in this room but always leave a light on so the pet will not see the flashes of fireworks.

2) Introduce CBD and other medications at least 5-7 days before the 4th of July.

Purchase CBD not from a big box store but from a reputable location online or in person

that specializes in pets. Many stores do not have quality control measures in place to

make sure that what you see online is what is delivered. Veterinarians

may not be able to answer your specific questions regarding dosage, or side effects

therefore purchase this product from a store that has access to veterinary professionals.

Many pet owners do not realize that lethargy is very common during the first week of

CBD administration. This can be frightening to the pet owner. It is perfectly safe and all

side effects should be provided to you when you receive the product.

3) A few days before the 4th of July, implement a practice run. Start the day with calm

music. Although your kids will be excited, their yelling is not calming to your pet. Make

sure the noise level inside the house is low and calming. Administer the CBD, place the

pet in the Safe spot and reassure the pet with soft a voice. Have a radio with classical

music in the room and place a water bowl next to the ‘Safe spot’ so your pet doesn’t need to

venture out. This practice run is for the pet, so they feel more at ease with this routine on

July 4th. In addition, keep a few towels on the floor near the Safe spot in case they

understandably don’t want to use the doggy door.

A few more pearls of info: according to a 2015 poll taken by the Applied Animal

Behavior Science journal, which took into account 5,000 dog and cat owners:

  • Dogs and cats are more afraid of fireworks than they are of gunshots.
  • 20 percent of them showed “strong or very strong signs of being fearful” during fireworks and only 14% to gunshots.
  • Fear of loud noises increases with age.
  • Of the animals observed, 6 percent were injured on the 4th of July due to jumping out of windows and running into the street.

Exhibiting signs of fear can mean a wide range of things for different pets. For some, it

is shown through barking, pacing, scratching furniture, licking, and shaking. Some scared pets will bite pet owners. This behavior is 100% instinctual therefore keeping young children, friends and other family members away from the pets face during these interactions is very important. If pets want to cuddle let them approach you and keep your face away from their face. Loud fireworks can cause unexpected defecation, vocalization, urination, salivation, trembling, unfocused motor activity, and random destruction. It can take up to 4 hours for the body to return to normal after the threat is gone, which is why so many dogs continue to pant and panic after the fireworks end. Pets with heart disease have been known to experience heart attacks. These pets should not take CBD but instead discuss this concern with a veterinarian.

For specific concerns regarding CBD and your pet, go to the Learn about CBD section at WildLifeRx.com or leave your questions at hello@WildLifeRx.com. Questions will be

answered by a Licensed Veterinary Technician.

On the 4th of July, you’ve got this! Your pet and house are prepped. You pet will be scared but if you have done many of the suggestions, they will be considerably less.


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