Welcome to the 2021 Holiday Season!

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Honeycomb emat toy for dogs

Hi there Rosalind here, owner of WildLifeRx. While working for a Veterianarian I have heard of my share of ‘What should I do next?’ from pet owners the day after Halloween. Cats throwing up after eating candy, and yes …a dog that ate the ballons off of their kids costume. It is alot for any poet owner. Below is a list that may decrease some of these issues. You’ve got this!

Halloween Tool Kit:

Toys, Halloween Sweater, Calming Supplements, Treaters, Frozen Veggies, Pumpkin (Dogs) or Canned Tuna (cats), Favorite Bedding, Crate, Large Blanket, Leash, Large Plastic Bag, Lavender Spray or Essential Oil and Large Secure Container.

  1. If you are using a supplement to decrease anxiety, administer it 2 hours before the
    first trick or treater arrives. This is critical as once your pet is stressed, any supplement
    may not be as effective prior to the stress. It is perfectly safe to administer another dose, 4 hours after the first dose.
  2. Feed your pet their meal in parts. Divide it in 4 parts and feed them every 30- 40 minutes as this will distract them from any noise near the door. Use a treater or
    licker to adminster the meal, lengthing the time they eat.
  3. Use a treater and stuff it with frozen green vegetables mixed with pumpkin or CBD
    infused peanut butter.
  4. Place cozy bedding or a crate in a room with the curtains/blinds closed. Introduce this new area to your pet several times earlier in the week, so they know they have a quiet space to retreat to if needed. Place a blanket on top of the crate if need.
  5. Play louder than softer calming music.
  6. Put a leash on all pets and secure them to a table or heavy object in a location away
    from the front door. Think desk, bedpost, kitchen table. Keep the front door open to
    avoid excessive door knocks and doorbell rings.
  7. During the day, take your pets on a long walk. Tired pets may be less anxious.
  8. Keep all unused doors and gates locked so pets are not tempted to escape.
  9. Pets do not like itchy costumes and this may add to their stress. Dress them up in a
    Halloween-inspired sweater instead.
  10. During the day, place all candy in a sealed secure container and at the end of the
    night, place it on a shelf that your pets can not reach.
  11. Go into the kids room and place all costumes that contains candy, ballons, balls and such into a large plastic bag and hang it up. If you do just these 2 things, there will be 99% chance, your Halloween will not involve a visit to the emergency vet.
  12. Your pets may need help winding down. Ok to use lavendar spray/essential oil on
    their bedding, collar or blankets. Lavender oil is perfectly safe to use on the bedding
    of pets.


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