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February 1, 2021 Tustin, CA

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Announcing the launch of WildLifeRx.com. The first of its kind full-service pet CBD online store dedicated to providing pet owners and their veterinarians, a much-needed solution to the shopping for pet CBD problem. For years, pet owners have been asking for guidance from their veterinarians and veterinarians have remained silent. Veterinarians that recommend a product or educate a pet owner regarding CBD, risk losing their veterinary license per the American Medical Veterinary Association and the Veterinary Medical Examiners Organization. Since the usage of CBD in pets is relatively new, these organizations are unclear if it works. Rosalind Haley, owner of WildLifeRx.com decided to disrupt the business as usual model of shopping for pet CBD.

In 2019, 60 million dollars of pet CBD was purchased and the market is expected to triple by 2025. Nearly all of the product sold, is without guidance from a veterinarian. WildLifeRx.com was born in large part due to one specific incident that occurred at the veterinary hospital where Rosalind worked. A frantic owner whose dog needed to be brought in, bit into the glass dropper from a bottle of pet CBD. The charred glass, stuck inside his mouth, caused the dog to bleed so significantly, that it made a trail from the car to the exam table and all over the staff that was trying to helping him. As stated by Haley, “The situation was traumatizing for the pet, and all those involved. The pet had a complete recovery but it cost the owner hundreds of dollars and the entire incident could have been eliminated if the pet owner was given guidance and a plastic dropper when she purchased the product”.

WildlifeRx.com sells high quality veterinarian-approved products from a variety of brands, when pet owners need guidance they can speak to a Licensed Veterinary Technician, each purchase includes a customized wellness plan and dosing schedule and a plastic dropper is included with all purchases of tinctures. “I am not trying to replace a visit to the veterinarian, just make the entire pet CBD shopping process more effective. Although veterinarians cannot talk about CBD, they can recommend a store that has the pet’s best interest in mind”. Immediate plans for WildLifeRx.com include marketing to veterinarians, something considered ‘rebellious’ in this industry and adding more innovative pet products including a line of CBD nut butters that pets can share with their owners.

WildLifeRx.com is the first of its kind full-service pet CBD online store, dedicated to providing pet owners a solution when shopping for pet CBD.

Name of Press Contact: Jack Haley

Phone: 714-740-5270

Email: hello@WildLifeRx.com


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